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Welcome to True You Yoga Retreats. We organise this one-week (seven-night) yoga retreat in a beautiful location on the border of Narbonne (in the south of France). Do you need a week of relaxation, discovery and inspiration, alone or along with your partner or a good friend? We work in small groups (no more than 8 people) and there is a lot of room for personal attention. 

You’ll enjoy a luxurious bedroom with your own adjoining bathroom and a separate toilet. Each group contains a maximum of eight people, so the experience is personal and intimate. During classes, each participant always receives enough attention.

The morning starts with an (optional) meditation session, followed by an active (more “yang”) yoga class outside. The evening begins with a more passive (more “yin”) yoga class. Both classes are based on the tradition of Swami Sivananda, a holistic form of yoga, in which you remain in every posture for a little while (except for sun salutations). Effort and relaxation are alternated. In Sivananda style, breathing exercises are also a part of each class. Every participant can also make an appointment for an individual bodywork session with Cynthia during this week, to work on releasing deep muscular patterns of stress and tension.

Yoga retreat suitable for all levels

No matter what your level of experience, you can participate in all classes at your own level. If you have never done Sivananda yoga before, you can participate in a special beginners’ class on the first day. The teachers always adjust their classes and their teaching to the participants’ needs, so everybody can follow the instruction and be challenged at the same time. Variations or adjustments are offered to accommodate individual restrictions / limitations.

The delicious and healthy plant-based meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are made by Jason of The Indigo Kitchen. Not only do they look like pieces of art, they are also a feast for your taste buds. Jason loves introducing people to a plant-based way of eating in which you don’t miss a thing because it all tastes so good!

Relaxing by the poolDuring the day, you will have plenty of free time to relax in your room or near one of the two swimming pools in the lush 10-hectare gardens. You can take a walk or ride a bike, go to the beach or visit authentic villages in the mountains. Narbonne is a nice city with several historic monuments. Carcassonne (a 50-minute drive) is definitely worth a visit.

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