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In late 2016, Jan quit his job as manager at a major employment agency so he could focus on spreading yoga by providing regular yoga classes (including yoga teacher training) and building Yogayounity, the company we have set up together. Yogayounity allows us to bring yoga to organizations in an accessible way (www.yogayounity.com).

In 2014, Cynthia left her job to focus on Puur Jij, her practice for haptotherapy and coaching (www.puurjij.nl), and now also Yogayounity. In addition, she teaches regular yoga classes at a studio.

Both of us trained as coaches and have had extensive training in personal development and awareness. This has led to a deeper connection with ourselves and, therefore, with each other. From those connections, we enjoy sharing our values of love, compassion, acceptance and creativity with our environment.

We would like to share this beautiful location in Narbonne with you during a week that focuses on connection – connecting with yourself and connecting with each other. In the yoga classes, we focus on making contact with your body and feeling. We also offer a partner yoga class in which the focus is on working together. Also, by sharing meals at a long table, a connection is formed among group members. For us, the week is a success if participants enjoy themselves, relax, and return home with renewed energy and inspiration.


In 2014, Jason immersed himself in yoga and a vegan lifestyle. Throughout the years, he has deepened his knowledge of creating delicious and healthy plant-based recipes, which he shares on his website www.theindigokitchen.com.

In January 2017, he started yoga teacher training at The New Yoga School, where he obtained his certificate in August. He wants to share the joy that yoga and a plant-based lifestyle have brought him with as many people as possible.

With passion and love, Jason will provide a fully plant based-meal three times a day. He will also offer an interesting workshop.

Cynthia, Jason, Jan (June 2017)

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