“The yoga holiday gave me extra focus on yoga for the whole week. Besides that, the company and place were both very nice. The best parts of the vacation were the yoga classes, the location and the food. I would really recommend True You Yoga Retreats to others because it’s a great location and the yoga classes are very good as well.”


“There was a good combination of yoga and meditation moments, as well as rest and time for yourself. In addition to practicing yoga in a group, there was enough time and space for individual yoga practice. The week offers plenty of rest and space for yourself. Nature, relaxation, insights and a culinary adventure. The group dynamics were very good. The yoga classes, location and food were the best parts of this yoga holiday, and I would definitely recommend True You Yoga Retreats to other people.”


“I just wanted to experience all that comes with a yoga holiday. I found it a super laid-back week with lots of yoga and fantastic food. I cannot choose just one part that was my favourite: I liked all the classes and all the food. Of course, I would recommend True You Yoga Retreats because there’s no better way to find complete peace in just one week. The care was great from beginning to end, the classes were varied and well adjusted, and the food was fantastic. (I did not know vegan food could be so tasty.) Beforehand I had no experience with yoga, but after this week I’m going to sign up at a yoga studio. Also, the goody bag on departure was a big surprise and very complete.”


“The True You Yoga Retreat has given me a lot of information about yoga and about different ways of eating, as well as more relaxation and muscle strength. I found the yoga classes very good, beautifully built and very well prepared. I also appreciated the conviviality during meals with the other guests. Meditation at the lakeside was also great, but wear a mosquito repellent cream. I found that Jan and Cynthia did a great job, with attention to the details and care for the guests.”


“Bambi asked if I wanted to go with her. I had never experienced a yoga vacation, so I was curious. My intention was to become zen after an exhausting period. The week brought me peace and the motivation to practice yoga more often. Plus, I met nice people! I enjoyed all parts of the vacation. It is an all-inclusive vacation that is lacking in nothing. The accommodations are fantastic, as are the gardens that surround them. The classes are well-given and the food was fantastic!”


“I wanted to practice yoga intensively again, enjoy delicious vegan food and really relax. The week brought relaxation, pleasure and a good impulse to my relationship (we got closer and had a lot of fun together). The best parts of this yoga vacation for me were the accommodation, the food and the yoga classes. I would definitely recommend True You Yoga Retreats to others because it was well organized and because it’s a very nice vacation if you love yoga or want to get acquainted with yoga.”


“I joined because I wanted to learn more about yoga. What did the week bring me? Excellent food, but above all, a lot of relaxation. And much respect for your professional attitude and very good hospitability. The best parts for me were Yoga Nidra and partner yoga. I would definitely recommend a True You Yoga Retreat to others. It’s a nice way to get introduced to yoga and totally relax. Great ambiance, too. We were totally spoiled.”


“I wanted to experience a yoga holiday. After over 40 years, this was a renewed encounter with yoga in a fun, down-to-earth atmosphere. After decades of working in the organic food industry (in agriculture, as a cook and as a shopkeeper as well), I’ve been able to taste a lot of new flavours and possibilities from the kitchen of the creative and intuitive cook Jason. Great!

I found the vacation nice and varied. I found the longer held postures particularly fun, because I found it so fascinating, that after one inhalation and exhalation you would be able to further stretch or bend into the postures.

I would recommend a True You Yoga Retreat to others; I think that the atmosphere you create plus the location make it possible for everyone to get acquainted with yoga or come for further development. There is also enough free space / time, with no strict regimen. It’s a gift the participant offers to himself or herself.”


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